Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Unlocking Your Passion!

The theme for this month's Art Party was Passion!  Passion to me is something you do for pure joy!  It lifts you up and takes you over.  It's an activity or pursuit where you lose your self and find yourself all at the same time.  Passion could be energizing and exciting or grounding and centering.  It can be a burning desire you feel rising from your core or a sense of joy you feel deep in your heart.  Passion could be your life's work or simply a hobby.  It could be the way you move through life with all your heart or simply standing still and letting love and warmth wash over you.  It's the energy and drive you bring to your life!

We took a look at our passions-- past, present and future and created mixed media collages with "Artful Affirmations for Unlocking Our Passion(s)!"

When you live your life with passion and an open heart, you create joy for yourself and for others! When you are open to possibilities, great and unexpected things tend to happen!  Unlock your passions, follow your heart and see where it leads!


  1. Great class and explanation of what passion is and can do when you connect with your own unique passion. Keep up the good work. When is the next class?? Love you xxoo

  2. Thanks! Love you too! Next class is March 23rd!