Monday, March 24, 2014

Mirror, Mirror!

March's Art Party focused on self-reflection as we created inspirational mirrors with meaningful messages!  Using mirrors as symbols of both physical and spiritual reflection and a tool for self-awareness, we can make a more conscious effort to see the positive attributes in ourselves and embrace our imperfections.  These decorative mirrors will serve as visual reminders to check in with ourselves, accept ourselves, nurture ourselves, and celebrate ourselves!  Thank you to this special circle of women who joined me to create!  May you and your mirrors reflect truth, light, beauty and joy inside and out!

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Grow WILD and free!"

Below are two examples of when Pausing Paid Off…
As I've mentioned before, I am currently taking Flora Bowley's online class Bloom True.  I had just finished another layer on my 4 original canvases and was loving the look!  My paintings looked and felt tribal and WILD.  I was not ready to cover them up and transform them with another layer of paint just yet.  So, I decided to Pause…Instead, I started (and finished) two new smaller canvases!  Here's what emerged when I let go and painted WILD and free!  Now, I am ready to move on with my original 4 canvases and see what magic happens there!  Stay tuned!

These two paintings are now at the "By Women, About Women" show in Old Town, Alexandria!