Sunday, November 27, 2016

Aruba Inspired Art in my Society 6 Shop!!!

I am SO excited to announce that my “Aruba Inspired” collection of original artwork is now available on prints and products at my Society 6 Shop!!! This collection is very near and dear to my heart!  They call Aruba the happy island for a reason!  Please take a peek and let me know what you think!  Feel free to stock up on gifts for yourself and your loved ones and take advantage of the Cyber Monday discounts and free shipping!  Hope my paintings make you as happy as they make me!  

Please share this with family, friends, and co-workers to help me spread the news and the joy!  If you would like to purchase an original painting or commission a custom piece of your own send me a PM.  Be on the lookout for more prints and products soon as well as a pop-up art party or two!  Thank you for your love and support! Love, Jackie

Artwork in progress at my home studio!

Some of the many beautiful scenes that helped inspire this new series of artwork! Happy Island = Happy Art! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Light Returns!

I've been facing some inner storms lately as I navigate the waves of change in my life.  But just over a week ago I found myself in the midst of a real hurricane! Yes, Matthew paid me a visit during what was supposed to be a big family celebration at the beach for my 50th birthday.  Most of our family bailed due to the weather forecast.  Can't say I blame them.  We lost power, got flooded, the wind howled and the house shook.  But we survived...and we even celebrated.  We took in the energy of the ocean and waited for the light to return--and it did!  The electricity inside our house was still out, but the light outside was definitely back and in a big way! The day after the storm, I walked down the wooden path towards the ocean and like magic a dozen or more monarch butterflies flew out onto the path before me.  When I reached the dunes, this is the sight I saw.  Breathtaking beauty (God rays as we call them in my family)--light breaking through the clouds and illuminating the ocean, the earth, the spirit!  A not-so-subtle reminder that whether we are facing storms on the inside or storms on the outside, the light will return!  Bask in it's beauty! All will be well!  Blessings to those still recovering from the damage of Hurricane Matthew and those facing their own personal storms.  May your light return soon!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

October Oracle Card Making Class!

Join me on October 30th at Rising Phoenix to create your own oracle card deck and set your intentions with the new moon!  Click on the link below for information and registration!

Spread your Wings!

"Spread your wings"
Allow your transformation to begin as you unfurl your bright, beautiful wings!

Making Waves!

Once again the ocean is calling me!  Here are some new wave inspired paintings I've recently created.   Hope you enjoy!  Try not to get caught up in life's undercurrents, but instead ride the waves! Original waves and prints available for sale :)

"Oceans of love"
"Waves of joy"
"Rip curl"

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Leaving the Nest...

As many of you know, I just returned from dropping off my oldest daughter at college for the first time.  It’s been a very emotionally challenging time for me.  I created this painting several months ago, but feel it sums up this summer perfectly and is a follow up to my earlier post and painting “holding on and letting go.”  

I knew this summer would be about preparing my daughter for college and preparing myself to let go.  I knew I wanted to spend as much time with my daughter as possible before she left home.  What I didn’t know is that my younger daughter would injure her knee and require surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation.  Although I was not happy about being “grounded,” perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.  I got LOTS of extra time at home with two of my favorite people in the world—my daughters!   For us, the summer has been all about nesting, resting, healing.  It has been about strengthening our roots and our wings before taking flight.  

I was worried that I was neglecting my art biz this summer and not working towards my goal of getting my ART out into the world in a bigger way.  Then it hit me—That’s exactly what I’ve been doing all summer long (and for 18 years)!  My daughter Autumn’s initials are A.R.T. (yes, on purpose) and she and my daughter Zoe are by far mine and my husband’s greatest works of art!  This summer was in fact, all about getting my A.R.T. out into the world (and to Art School in New York to boot)!  Mission accomplished—time to SOAR my baby bird! You’ll do great!  Love you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Beach Treasures!

So happy and grateful to announce that Beach Treasures in Duck, NC (OBX) is now carrying my artwork!!! There are several original pieces to choose from as well as copies of my Beach Blessings book.  Thank you so much Lisa, Mary Anne, Mom, Mrs. P, Aunt B. and Paul for giving me this opportunity and helping me get my artwork there!  Thank you April for spotting my art while you were on vacation! Be sure to check it out next time you are in the Outer Banks (Beach Treasures, Wee Winks Square in Duck, NC)!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Holding on and letting go...

"Holding on and letting go..."

Today I am posting a painting inspired by the upcoming graduation of my oldest daughter, Autumn, from high school and her journey to Art School in New York!  For me, this time of transition has been a roller coaster of emotions and a lesson in finding the balance between holding on and letting go.  

I am happy, nervous, scared, excited, sad, and everything in between and often all at once.  As I sort through thousands and thousands of photos (no exaggeration here) I am reminded of all the happy memories we have created together as a family.  I cherish our time together and I will hold onto these memories as I let her go and send her off into the world.  I am hoping she knows how much I love her and how much I believe in her!   How proud I am of her for working hard and staying true to herself, even when that meant flying solo.  And though I will miss her, I am looking forward to watching her blossom as her dreams take flight!  I love you Autumn Rose!  

Congratulations to all the graduates out there and their loved ones!

This painting went through several transformations to become the painting it is today.

On our journeys, we may set off in one direction and then somewhere down the road, change course and find ourselves facing a completely new horizon.  We may go through several changes along the way, overcoming obstacles as we move forward.  This painting started out as a heart with wings.  I originally called it “together we soar.”  I thought of it as a “work in progress” and sat with it like that for several months.  

"Together we Soar!"

Then one day,  I saw mountains on the canvas.  At the time, things were very unclear for me and I was trying to remind myself to “trust that the fog will lift and all will be revealed.”   And thus, a transformation took place and a new painting was born.  This new painting hung on my wall for a couple months and then my vision changed again.  

"Trust that the fog will lift and all will be revealed"

This time I was dealing with the upcoming graduation of my daughter and her leaving home.  I envisioned her gently floating over the city, lifted by a bouquet of balloons. One hand holding on and the other letting go as she drifts away from home and soars closer to her dreams.  And so, another transformation, the birth of another painting and the beginning of a new chapter!  

"Holding on and letting go..."

I love that in the final version of this painting, you can still see some of the under layers. They not only add depth, texture, and contrast, but special meaning as well.  I love that there is a heart with wings and a mountain of strength just below the surface supporting Autumn on her journey!  I love that the word “trust” is still visible in the sky.  I like the subtle arrows pointing up as well as the less subtle arrows (former mountains) pointing in different directions. I like the faint outline of an abstract bridge below Autumn as she makes this important transition and celebrates this special milestone.  As I am writing this, I now remember that beneath the heart with wings, lies another bridge--the very first layer of this painting.  It really has come full circle.  I guess it's time to cross the bridge!  It's time to hold on and to let go!  It's time to SOAR!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Back home and playing catch up!

My April and May Art Parties were "On the Road" and I am just now playing catch up!  I took some much needed time off from my art biz the last couple of weeks to catch my breath and spend time with my family.  My main focus now is finishing the school year and preparing for my daughter's graduation!  My next art party will most likely be in July.  In the meantime, hope you enjoy these photos from the last two art parties/workshops!  Please check back often :) Feel free to email me at to request an art party or workshop or to be added to my mailing list. Thanks to Donna and Amanda for hosting me in their beautiful studios and thank you to all the wonderful, creative women who joined me for these artful events!

Mermaid as Muse Weekend in OBX at Deja New!

Packed and ready to head to OBX with my daughter !

Fun day teaching my "mermaid mantra" class at our Mermaid as Muse Weekend in OBX!

Great weekend creating mixed media mermaids and treasure boxes! 

Until next time...

Lotus Awakening Workshop at Mind Your Body Oasis Yoga Studio!

Beautiful space to create

Enjoyed painting and awakening new growth with our lotuses

Lovely lotus blossoms

Lotus Moon

Monday, April 18, 2016

Full Moon Over Folly!

This mixed media painting was created after returning from spring break where I was lucky enough to witness a beautiful full moon rise over the ocean at Folly Beach! Loved how the palm trees were blowing in the breeze!  I will be teaching this project in a workshop/art party this summer!  Stay tuned for dates and details, or message me to be added to my list.  I am also happy to host private art parties and create commissioned pieces :)

"Full Moon Over Folly!"

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Art Parties going on the Road for April and May!

Join me April 30th-May 1st for a special "Mermaid as Muse" weekend in the Outer Banks with artist/owner of Deja New, Donna Hollowell!  To register, click "Add to Cart" button below or call Donna at 252-202-4669.


Join me May 15th at Mind Your Body Oasis Yoga Studio for my "Paint Your Growth and Awakening" Workshop!  Thank you Amanda for hosting me and thank you Patty for connecting us!
Registration is through Mind Your Body Oasis at:

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Creatures from the Sea!"

Come see me and my artwork at "Creatures from the Sea" show at Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria April 1st - May 1st!

"Find your own way" mixed media mermaid and "Go with the flow" mixed media fish

It's been a while since I've participated in a Del Ray art show, but I couldn't let this one pass me by! "Creatures from the Sea" was calling my name! My whole house is filled with sea creatures 
smile emoticon.  These two are in the show which opens Friday night, April 1st (no fooling) and runs through May 1st! I also have a few mini mermaids in the art to go section. Come on down to Del Ray Artisans in Alexandria! I will be there Friday night and Saturday morning smile emoticonHope to see you!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Enjoyed "filling my cup" with these wonderful women!

Art is definitely one of the favorite ways I "fill my cup!"  I also enjoy walking, yoga, the beach, time with my family, laughing with friends, time to myself, reading, writing, simply BE-ing.  My cup has definitely been running a little low lately, which is why I chose this theme and created this project for my March art party.  I enjoyed gathering with a wonderful group of women last night as we took time to "fill our cups!" We had a great evening of sampling teas, treats, coffee and more as we connected with each other and created mixed media cups on canvas!  I hope that our canvases will serve as visual reminders to slow down, sip and savor the everyday moments and take time to "fill our cups" so we can better serve others.  Thank you ladies--you and your artwork are amazing!


p.s. - If you are looking for a great inspirational book, check out "Life by the Cup" by Zhena Muzyka of  Zhena's Gypsy Tea!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Welcoming the New Moon!

Enjoyed setting my intentions and welcoming the New Moon today!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mermaid as Muse Registration now OPEN!

I am so excited to announce this special artful weekend!  Friend and fellow artist Donna Hollowell and I will be hosting a 2-day Art Workshop you don't want to miss!! 
Mermaid as Muse!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fill your cup! March Art Party/Workshop!

Fill your cup! (March Art Party/Workshop)
Registration now OPEN

Sometimes it feels as if we are running on empty.  It’s important to take time to fill our cups so that we can continue to fill the cups of others.  So take time to nurture yourself and fill your cup at my March Art Party/Workshop!  Join me on Sunday, March 13th from 4-7 p.m. as we sip and sample teas, coffees, wine and more while we create mixed media cups on canvas.  Cost for this 3 hour class is $45 and includes all instruction and supplies.  Please bring a drink or snack to share.  Register now, space is limited. To register, click on "Art Parties and Workshops" tab and scroll down to "buy now" button.

Monday, February 15, 2016

"Love lives here"

"Love lives here" is painting 7/50 in my "50 to 50 Challenge."  It is all about centering yourself in love and radiating that love to others.  May you feel loved and share that love with others.   May you live in a space that you feel loved, supported, nurtured and appreciated.  "Love lives here!"

xoxo ~jackie

Monday, February 8, 2016

Save the Date--BIG announcement coming soon!!!

Save the date (April 30th - May 1st)!  I am planning something extra special with Donna Hollowell of Deja New!  Stay tuned for our BIG announcement coming soon!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Exhale--breathe out fear and doubt, breathe in love and joy!

I got a little behind in my painting and posting for my “50 to 50 project.”  Here is painting 6/50 “Exhale”.  

This intuitive painting began one afternoon in December.  I was already stressing out about the holidays when my youngest daughter’s health issues flared up again.  We were led to believe that a surgery was in her near future.  I was in major freak-out mode and needed to de-stress, so I grabbed some paint and a blank canvas, turned on some music and let my mind rest and my heart play.   With intuitive painting, you don’t begin with a pre-conceived image or outcome.  You simply put brush, fingers, etc to the canvas and let your intuition and intentions guide the way.  It’s no surprise that what emerged for me after several layers was the word “exhale” — a message I desperately needed to hear at the moment.  It’s also no coincidence that the image that appeared bared some resemblance to my daughter.  

Luckily, just before Christmas we got the great news that my daughter did not need surgery!  Miracle or mistake—maybe a little of both.  Either way, my family and I were overjoyed and relieved!  We were able to put our stress (and my painting) aside and enjoy the holidays.  After enjoying a “second holiday” thanks to the recent blizzard, I was feeling like I was finally caught up on everything and that I could actually breathe again.  Then we had our follow up visit.  It was recommended that my daughter undergo another test, this one more invasive.  Even though it’s not a life threatening illness or a major surgery we are facing, as a mom, it is still very stressful.  Immediately I started to tense up and go into worry mode.  

It was time to go back to the canvas and finish what I started, or at least pick up where I left off.  Some new details and words emerged.  More reminders for me during this stressful time:  “breathe out fear and doubt, breathe in love and joy!”  Hopefully, I will be able to follow the message in my painting and focus on my breathing…remembering to Exhale…to breathe out fear and doubt and breathe in love and joy!  Hoping and praying that my daughter’s procedure will go well and that her health issues will soon be resolved!  Maybe this painting will bring comfort to her as well.  Not sure if I’m done with this painting or not, but for now I will set it aside and allow it to be a gentle reminder, knowing I can always return to it when I feel called.  Sharing this very personal story and painting a face (which I tend to avoid) were both big LEAPs for me (My word of the year).  Thank you for allowing me to share.  Remember to Exhale… xoxo jackie

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Registration now CLOSED for February Art Party--Check back soon for information on the next Art Party!

Come fill your heART and join me for my February Art Workshop on Sunday, February 7th from 1-4 p.m. (For sports fans, there is still plenty of time to get creative before the big game--think of it as a pre-party!)

We will be creating mixed media hearts filled with love, gratitude, and whatever your heart desires!  Cost is $45 per person and includes all instructions and supplies.  Please bring a drink or snack to share.  Don't miss this opportunity to create a beautiful heART felt gift just in time for Valentine's Day! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

My Word of the Year (LEAP!) and how to choose your own WOTY:

Choosing your Word of the Year (WOTY):

What are your hopes and dreams for 2016?  What do you want to focus your time and energy on this year?  How do you want your life to look or feel?  What is the central theme of the year to come? By asking yourself these questions, you can come up with your own Word of the Year (WOTY).  Close your eyes and write down the first word that pops into your mind as you think of the year ahead.  Surrender and allow your word to come to you, with intuition as your guide.  Your word can be a noun, verb, or adjective.  It can even be a phrase or mantra.  Whatever you choose, it should be personal, powerful and meaningful to you.  If several words come to mind, make a list and visualize each one and how it applies to your personal vision for 2016.  Is there a theme that emerges?  Is there one word or phrase that stands out above the rest?  Go with that word and let it be your guide for 2016!

Once you decide on your WOTY,  make it visible!  Share your word with family and friends so they can help support you on your journey.  Write about it in your journal.  Create a canvas with your word front and center and display it where you will be reminded of your intention each and every day!  (This is the project and process I guided participants through at my recent Art Workshop: “Setting Your Intentions for the Year!” We also created a set of inspirational cards with our WOTY to save and share!)  Allow your WOTY to provide insight, inspiration, empowerment, affirmation, and validation throughout the coming year!  Use it as your guidepost in creating a year full of dreams come true!

My Word of the Year (LEAP!):

Several words jumped out at me this year, but one stood out above the rest.  I had a long list that included leap, launch, celebrate, possibility, aloha, collaborate, believe, wonder, release, and many more.  Some themes that emerged were letting go, new chapters, endings and beginnings.  I felt I needed a word that was active and intentional rather than passive.  I needed a word that could somehow capture the feeling and emotion I was already having about this BIG year ahead.  The word I kept coming back to was LEAP!  

2016 is a BIG year full of BIG changes and BIG emotions for me!  In addition to being leap year, and presidential election year, 2016 is the year my eldest daughter will graduate high school and go off to college, my youngest daughter will turn sweet 16, and I will turn the BIG 5-0!  In addition to the normal challenges of daily life, there is a whole sea full of change and uncertainty for me and my family to navigate this year.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I plan to do this by continuing to follow my heART.  Difficult decisions lie ahead and the unknown and uncharted waters can be scary.  Financial responsibilities will be increasing, family dynamics will be shifting, health issues will be resolved, and hopefully my art business will not only stay afloat, but will thrive.  We will be ending one chapter and beginning a new one .  I am trying to remind myself to leave fear and doubt behind and to LEAP forward and allow the “net to appear!”  To do this I need to have trust, faith, courage and support!  It’s going to be a BIG year and I am ready to take the LEAP!  I hope that you will join me!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Setting Our Intentions for the New Year!

Thank you to all the wonderful women who gathered with me last night as we set our intentions for the New Year in a fun, meaningful, creative way with the new moon!  What a great way to usher in 2016!  I love all the colorful, inspirational cards you created and the powerful words of the year you chose! I hope the cards and canvases you created will guide, inspire and empower you in the year to come!  Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, prosperous year of dreams come true! xoxo ~ Jackie