Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer Full of Artful Inspirations!

I can't believe summer is almost over!  Where did the time go?  Although I didn't create much art this summer (only 5 new pieces), I did spend a lot of time taking in the natural beauty of my surroundings, enjoying adventures with my family, trying new things and exploring new places.  I spent the summer wandering with an open heart and artful eye--gathering inspiration for future projects along the way!  Hope you enjoy my meanderings and that you also had a summer full of artful inspirations!  Looking forward to putting my ideas to canvas!

Summer started with "letting go" and the combination of "thrill and fear" rising to the challenges of Ziplining and Rollercoaster Riding!

Next stop, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The beach always makes me feel better.  I love the ever-changing sea and sky…the vast openness and the great energy of the ocean!

Sunsets and Moonrises became nightly rituals with vibrant colors and magical glows.

One of our summer traditions is a fun family photo shoot at this gorgeous sunflower garden...sunflower sisters!

Our New England Road Trip  provided lots of inspiring views from rocky coasts and beautiful beaches to lighthouses, whales, sailboats, harbors and more.