Monday, March 3, 2014

"Grow WILD and free!"

Below are two examples of when Pausing Paid Off…
As I've mentioned before, I am currently taking Flora Bowley's online class Bloom True.  I had just finished another layer on my 4 original canvases and was loving the look!  My paintings looked and felt tribal and WILD.  I was not ready to cover them up and transform them with another layer of paint just yet.  So, I decided to Pause…Instead, I started (and finished) two new smaller canvases!  Here's what emerged when I let go and painted WILD and free!  Now, I am ready to move on with my original 4 canvases and see what magic happens there!  Stay tuned!

These two paintings are now at the "By Women, About Women" show in Old Town, Alexandria!

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