Monday, June 6, 2016

Holding on and letting go...

"Holding on and letting go..."

Today I am posting a painting inspired by the upcoming graduation of my oldest daughter, Autumn, from high school and her journey to Art School in New York!  For me, this time of transition has been a roller coaster of emotions and a lesson in finding the balance between holding on and letting go.  

I am happy, nervous, scared, excited, sad, and everything in between and often all at once.  As I sort through thousands and thousands of photos (no exaggeration here) I am reminded of all the happy memories we have created together as a family.  I cherish our time together and I will hold onto these memories as I let her go and send her off into the world.  I am hoping she knows how much I love her and how much I believe in her!   How proud I am of her for working hard and staying true to herself, even when that meant flying solo.  And though I will miss her, I am looking forward to watching her blossom as her dreams take flight!  I love you Autumn Rose!  

Congratulations to all the graduates out there and their loved ones!

This painting went through several transformations to become the painting it is today.

On our journeys, we may set off in one direction and then somewhere down the road, change course and find ourselves facing a completely new horizon.  We may go through several changes along the way, overcoming obstacles as we move forward.  This painting started out as a heart with wings.  I originally called it “together we soar.”  I thought of it as a “work in progress” and sat with it like that for several months.  

"Together we Soar!"

Then one day,  I saw mountains on the canvas.  At the time, things were very unclear for me and I was trying to remind myself to “trust that the fog will lift and all will be revealed.”   And thus, a transformation took place and a new painting was born.  This new painting hung on my wall for a couple months and then my vision changed again.  

"Trust that the fog will lift and all will be revealed"

This time I was dealing with the upcoming graduation of my daughter and her leaving home.  I envisioned her gently floating over the city, lifted by a bouquet of balloons. One hand holding on and the other letting go as she drifts away from home and soars closer to her dreams.  And so, another transformation, the birth of another painting and the beginning of a new chapter!  

"Holding on and letting go..."

I love that in the final version of this painting, you can still see some of the under layers. They not only add depth, texture, and contrast, but special meaning as well.  I love that there is a heart with wings and a mountain of strength just below the surface supporting Autumn on her journey!  I love that the word “trust” is still visible in the sky.  I like the subtle arrows pointing up as well as the less subtle arrows (former mountains) pointing in different directions. I like the faint outline of an abstract bridge below Autumn as she makes this important transition and celebrates this special milestone.  As I am writing this, I now remember that beneath the heart with wings, lies another bridge--the very first layer of this painting.  It really has come full circle.  I guess it's time to cross the bridge!  It's time to hold on and to let go!  It's time to SOAR!

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