Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Light Returns!

I've been facing some inner storms lately as I navigate the waves of change in my life.  But just over a week ago I found myself in the midst of a real hurricane! Yes, Matthew paid me a visit during what was supposed to be a big family celebration at the beach for my 50th birthday.  Most of our family bailed due to the weather forecast.  Can't say I blame them.  We lost power, got flooded, the wind howled and the house shook.  But we survived...and we even celebrated.  We took in the energy of the ocean and waited for the light to return--and it did!  The electricity inside our house was still out, but the light outside was definitely back and in a big way! The day after the storm, I walked down the wooden path towards the ocean and like magic a dozen or more monarch butterflies flew out onto the path before me.  When I reached the dunes, this is the sight I saw.  Breathtaking beauty (God rays as we call them in my family)--light breaking through the clouds and illuminating the ocean, the earth, the spirit!  A not-so-subtle reminder that whether we are facing storms on the inside or storms on the outside, the light will return!  Bask in it's beauty! All will be well!  Blessings to those still recovering from the damage of Hurricane Matthew and those facing their own personal storms.  May your light return soon!


  1. Beautiful post. Happy 50th. :) I Love the photo you captured. Here's to the Light finding its way back to us. Blessings to you Jackie. xoxo

  2. Thank you SO much Suzanne!!! Yes, here is to the Light finding its way back to us! Blessings to you too my friend :)