Saturday, December 5, 2015

Big envelope full of love and inspiration!

Recently received the package I've been waiting months for!!!  It arrived just after Thanksgiving and I was oh so grateful!  Earlier this year I signed up for Jessica Brogan's International Card Deck Swap!  I had so much fun creating my own deck of inspirational cards to share (more on that later)!  It was like sending love, hope, and positive energy through the mail to others all over the world!  Can't wait to see who ended up with my cards!  This weekend, I am looking forward to taking a closer look and savoring each of the 52 beautiful inspirational cards I received from artists all around the world!  What a great way to start the holidays!  Hope you can join us for the next round!

"A small sample of the cards I created and sent out"
"All the gorgeous cards I received in the mail"

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