Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Listen to Your Whispers"

"Listen to Your Whispers"

This is painting 3/50 in my "50 to 50" Challenge!  Right now the title is "Listen to Your Whispers."  It is a title I've used in several of my previous paintings as well as a message I try to live by and teach in my classes.  This is an intuitive painting inspired by the colors gray and teal.  This painting reminds me of a full moon illuminating the winter woods.  For me there is a peaceful feeling of calm and stillness with a subtle hint of magic in the air.  Perhaps the message is to stand still in silence and all will be illuminated.  Maybe the message is to balance social activity with silence and solitude. While I am looking forward to the flurry of activity that the holidays bring, I am also looking forward to the whispers of winter and the opportunity to retreat into the stillness and beauty of the snow covered, moonlit nights of winter.

To my surprise, this was the view when I stepped outside tonight!  Hope you enjoy the magic of the moon!

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