Monday, November 9, 2015

"50 to 50" Personal Challenge: 1/50 "She followed her heart through the seas of change!"

I recently celebrated my 49th birthday and thought a fitting and meaningful way to mark my journey towards 50 would be to create 50 new paintings. Turning 40 brought about great change in my life as I experienced what I call my “Artful Awakening” or “Mid-life Metamorphosis.”  My forties have been a period of opening and fully awakening to my creative dreams and desires.  It has been a journey of great personal, spiritual, and creative growth.  As I approach the milestone birthday of 50, I feel the currents of change stirring within me and around me.  I am not sure what my future holds, I only know the ground beneath me is shifting and the waves of change are coming.  It is with these thoughts, emotions, and intentions that I created the first painting of my “50 to 50” personal challenge.  

Number 1/50 is called “She followed her heart through the seas of change.”  I hope you like it and I wish you well on your own personal journey.  Please feel free to follow my journey at and to share your own.  If you would like to purchase a print of “She followed her heart through the seas of change,” please email me at or PM me on Facebook.  Looking forward to journeying together!

Ideally, I will create and post one new painting a week for 50 weeks. Realistically, I know that some weeks I may not have the opportunity to paint and other weeks I may have time and inspiration to create more than one painting.  I am giving myself permission to “go with the flow” on this one and allowing myself to drift between the shores of the real and the ideal—finding a sense of balance along the way.  

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