Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bloom True -- A Journey into Intuitive Painting with Flora Bowley!

This post is a brief summary of my Amazing Journey into Intuitive Painting with Artist Flora Bowley! It all began in February with the start of Flora's Bloom True e-course which I had received as a gift! (You can read more about the first few layers in my earlier Bloom True post. )  I was ready to let loose and try something new and couldn't wait to get started.   I wanted to experience painting with total freedom and abandon--no limits and no expectations and that's exactly what the course delivered! 

I loved the entire process from start to finish--from blank canvas to full bloom!

My Bloom True Collection--finished and unfinished!

Above is my entire collection of Bloom True Canvases!  The original 4 canvases I started with are pretty much finished and are all beach themed (unintentionally/intuitively).  They are the Mermaid, the Underwater Scene, the Sea at Sunset, and the Bullseye.  Canvas #5 is on the easel and is pretty much finished as well.  None of these 5 are officially named, signed, or have the sides painted yet, so there may still be a bold move or two left.  They are also in various stages from more finished to more chaotic and almost tribal.  But for now, I'm declaring them done in all their various stages.  The other 6 smaller canvases are all in various beginning stages and still have several layers to go.  Most likely, they will have to wait until after the Artful Awakenings Beach Retreat I am hosting to get finished.

Below are photos of my journey and the transformations of the canvases in reverse order.  I loved seeing how each new layer totally transformed the painting!  For me, this was the most difficult part and the most rewarding!  Sometimes I resisted painting over layers that I loved, but when I did, amazing new layers emerged! The black and white layer was often my favorite.  I loved the wild energy!

I am looking forward to Blooming True again and again one blank canvas after another!  Thank you Bloomers for sharing this journey!  Thank you Flora for being such an amazing, talented, generous, inspiring artist and teacher!  I highly recommend this class and hope to paint with Flora and my fellow Bloomers in person one day!

The original 4 canvases in their black/white layer

The original 4 canvases in their  pink/purple layer

The original 4 canvases with another warm color layer

The original 4 canvases with the first cool color layer

The original 4 canvases on their first intuitive layer!

Original Canvas #1

Original Canvas #2

Original Canvas #3

Original Canvas #4

Canvas # 5:  (added during the class)
Two more small canvases I added during the class
Thank You Flora--you are Amazing!


  1. Jackie I love the colours you use in your painting. Especially enjoyed seeing the layers for each of your canvasses. It's such a fun and liberating process isn't it. It's so great to see that some of your canvasses ended up being a beach theme. I will add your post to my "Flora Bowley (Bloom True eCourse)" Pinterest board along with many others who have such lovely talent. :) Very inspiring, and I could use a dose of that now that I want to get back to painting myself after a long break. :)

    1. Thank you Suzanne! It is such fun and I can't wait to get back to my canvases! Happy painting!

  2. Wow! It's wonderful to see you BLOOM! Gorgeous work!