Friday, March 6, 2015

"Manifestation Map mini-series!"

Thanks to the continued snow days and the Cloth, Paper, Scissors mixed media map challenge, I was inspired to create a new mini-series!  The challenge was to create an 8"x8" mixed media map.   Most of the mixed media pieces I create are outward expressions of my inward journey.  I consider them maps of my dreams and desires or "manifestation maps."  I sometimes call them "power wish paintings" or "mixed media manifestations" as so many of them have come true.  I love creating mixed media pieces with layers of "paint, paper, and possibility!"

This challenge inspired me to think outside the box.  I decided to used 8" x 8" pieces of recycled cardboard from a box I found in the garage as I did not have an 8" x 8" canvas available and was NOT going out in the snowstorm to get one.  Painting on cardboard isn't new to me, but it has been a while since I've done it.  I had forgotten what great textures and rich colors are naturally present when using cardboard as a base.  I had fun layering tissue papers, patterned papers, newspaper, magazine clippings, old maps, and acrylic paints and adding outlines and borders with graphite pencil and oil pastel!  I enjoyed watching images emerge on the cardboard as I watched the snow fall outside my window!

The piece I chose to submit to the Cloth, Paper, Scissors challenge is "Follow your heART... it knows the way!"  This is the map I try to follow everyday as I work to create an artful life for myself and to share the joy and healing of art with others.  I hope you like it!

Here are the other maps in my mini-series ("Siren's Song," "Balance and Bloom," "Life Energy").


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