Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Windows of Opportunity" -- First Art Party of 2015!

Happy New Year and thank you for joining me for the 1st Art Party of 2015!  Traditionally, my first art party of each year has a “journey” theme as we begin our journey into the new year.  While I love this tradition and the symbolism that is attached to my traditional “journey” project, this year we started with something “new” and different.  I think being open and trying new things is a great way to get the new year started.  Instead of painting on canvas as we usually do at my Art Parties, we painted on windows!  I asked students to think of it as painting “windows of opportunity” or “a window of wishes for the new year!”  

Before we started painting, I asked everyone to clean their windows and imagine wiping away any fear, doubt, and negativity.  Imagine getting rid of anything that is blocking you or no longer serving you.   Prepare a clean slate, a fresh start, a blank canvas (or window in this case) for the new year and invite clarity and opportunity into your future!  

I asked students to take a moment to think about their journey into the new year.  What direction are you headed in?  Are there new things you want to try?  Words or actions you want to live by?  Experiences you want to have?  Dreams you wish to pursue?  

I told them that our “windows of opportunity” would serve as visual reminders of the journey we are on this year.  We can hang them in our homes to provide inspiration, joy, and encouragement along the way.  

Since my focus for the year is my art business.  I chose the words “dream, play, create, awaken” because these are words I want to live by in my daily life as well as what I want to share with others through my classes, art parties, and retreats!  I want other people to experience the joy that these simple pleasures can bring!  I decided to paint these words on the 4 corner panes of my window and add mini symbols or marks that went with the word (i.e.- polka dots with “play” and swirls with “create”).  I also chose to add two images into the inner two panes.  One is a giant swirl with glass beads.  The other is a vase of paint brushes made from glass tiles and actual brushes. 

Using my samples as a launching pad and my words as a guide, my students created their own unique and amazing “windows of opportunity!”  Thank you Anne Marie, Carrie, Jaci, Debbie, and Kim for joining me for the first Art Party of 2015!  I enjoyed creating with each of you and LOVE your wonderful “windows of opportunity!”  It was fun to start the year off trying  something new! You all amaze me!  I hope your windows bring you joy, inspiration, and opportunity in the new year!  

Special thanks to Ginger for donating the windows for this special project and to Anne Marie for donating a couple windows as well.  Thanks also to Carrie for being persistent with her request to paint a window like the one she saw at my house at the 2013 December Art Party!  Ask and you shall receive. Your persistence and patience paid off :)  Sorry it took so long.

I plan to open February’s Art Party Registration later this week, so check back soon!  I hope you can make it!  

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