Monday, November 24, 2014

Beach Bliss--Giving Thanks for Time at the Beach!

As Thanksgiving nears and we count our blessings and focus on gratitude, I give thanks for the following experience.  It has taught me that  by “giving in” instead of “giving up,” you open yourself up to possibilities and experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise had.  I am so grateful for this one!

I recently returned from a weekend at the beach.  Though it was not what I had originally planned or intended, it turned out to be EXACTLY what I needed and I couldn’t imagine it any other way!   As usual, I packed WAY too much stuff and planned WAY too many projects!  In the end, I was happy to just RELEASE and LET GO!  To REST and RELAX!   

From beginning to end, we were blessed with gifts from the sea and the sky!  Gorgeous sunsets where the sky was on fire with hot pinks fading into lilac mists…serene sunrises where the sky was a glow in radiant warmth…and my personal favorite—a beautiful full moon rise over the ocean, complete with shooting star!  Truly magical!  

The moon rose from the ocean a pinkish-orange, then turned yellow and white illuminating a clear path of moonlight across the ocean to the shore!  We rushed to touch our feet to the glowing waters like mermaids and  danced in the moonlight like wild women playing in the ocean’s surf and howling at the gorgeous moon!  We had gourmet meals from nearby restaurants and enjoyed our ocean-view round the clock!  We had plenty of solo time to rest, read, write, reflect, walk and just veg out to the sounds of the ocean waves!  

There were great shells to be found each day—whole whelks, moon shells, scallops, clams, oysters, and more!  Dolphins played in the waves in front of us!  I even had a 90-minute massage called a “body blessing” that included reflexology and a shen energy treatment!  Thank you Ashli, it truly was a blessing!  One of my other favorite experiences was painting on the beach ALL day Saturday!!!   I started 7 new intuitive painting canvases!  I would paint a layer, then go for a walk while it dried…paint another layer and go for another walk…you get the picture!

The last day was cooler and slightly overcast and the water was calm.  The whole beach seemed to whisper “peace”.  It was a perfect ending to this much needed Retreat!   It was pure Beach Bliss!  I feel blessed and full of gratitude!  Thank you God, thank you Universe for knowing what I needed before I did and giving me this wonderful gift!   Wishing you all Peace and a Happy Thanksgiving!