Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Just BE!"

As I was preparing for my June Art Party, “Just BE,”  I began receiving the message that I needed to “Just BE!”  I needed to not only share this message with my students, but I needed to take it to heart and follow it myself!  

As I was running around, full steam ahead creating demos and lesson plans, shopping for supplies, cleaning the studio, plus doing all of my day to day tasks as a mom, wife, and part-time employee, plus creating and delivering new art for shops, galleries, etc, I began to feel a bit overwhelmed.  Then I had a few people (for very good reasons) cancel at the last minute and I became frustrated AND overwhelmed.  Not a good combination.  I wondered if I should even have this June class at all.  I wondered if I should cancel the whole thing and “Just BE” by myself.  I sure needed some down time! But just as I was about to call it quits, a very dear friend going through a very tough time called and asked if there was still space in my class for her and a friend.  I decided to continue with the class and just wait and see who showed up.  I am SO glad I did!  The women who showed up were all there for a reason and the sharing and creating that went on that afternoon was uplifting, moving and beautiful!  It was like poetry in motion.  Thank you Jennifer, Karen, Anne Marie, Maribel, and Melissa for sharing this time with me as we learned to “Just BE” together!  I hope that you each find time to rest, relax, and “Just BE” this summer!  I plan to do the same!  Much love, jackie.


  1. Jackie, THIS post SO reminds me of what we are doing right now with our Sister Flyers 2012. As Michelle Hill mentioned, it is so, so easy to get overwhelmed and consumed -- even when we're doing such good, GOOD things for ourselves and others. And always, it seems that just when we're about to call it a day, someone comes into our life zone and says, "Hey, I've been thinking of you. Can we talk?" Great stuff here, Jackie. Wish I had the moola to go to your Art show in October, sound like a wonderful autumn outing!

  2. Thank you Robin! Just saw your comment now, sorry for the delayed response! Hope you are having some time this summer to "just BE" and nurture yourself! Wish you could come to the fall art show and/or retreat too! Never say never :)