Monday, October 28, 2013

Wish Granted!

Wish Granted!

This weekend I celebrated my birthday with family.  In addition to being showered with artful gifts:  photo lights, gift cards for art supplies, money for Bloom True art e-course (thank you to my loving & supportive family), something totally unexpected and amazing happened!  My birthday wish came TRUE in under an hour!

I've wished on birthday candles since I was a little girl and some wishes came true, others didn't.  But I have never had a wish been granted so quickly!  When blowing out my candles, I wished that someone would buy the two "artful avenue" paintings I had in the Del-Ray-Geous art show.  I knew the show was closing this weekend and as of Thursday evening, nobody had bought either painting.  
I made my wish around 8:00 p.m. on Friday and around 9:00 p.m.,  I received a congratulatory email from the curators of the show saying that BOTH of my pieces had SOLD!  WOW--those must have been some strong wishes and powerful candles!  To top it off, when we went to the closing reception yesterday, we found out that my daughter Zoe made her first sale!  Congratulations Zoe and thank you Dawn and Maxine!  Hope your wishes come true!  Gotta remember where I bought those candles!

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