Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Joyful Journey Affirmations!

This series was inspired by the return to my own artful journey and a series of photos I did with my daughters.  This school year, I found myself coming full circle to resume a journey I began several years ago.  I knew then that I wanted to center my life around art and creativity and the same is true now.  Although I am currently working in a full time job that is not art related, I committed myself to resuming my journey and creating an artful life for me and my family.  Lucky for me, my husband and two daughters are on artful journeys of their own--it's so wonderful we can share this passion!  

The first piece in this series is "find your path" which is what I am trying to do (aren't we all?), while maintaining some sort of balance.  In order to find your path, you have to get out there and search!  You may have to try several different paths before finding the one that is right for you!  This image was based on my daughter Autumn who loves an adventure and a photo shoot we did in the woods.

The second piece is "climb your mountain." For me, this piece offered encouragement.  Despite the roadblocks, obstacles, and detours, you can do it--keep going!  You can and will climb your mountain and reach the top! This image was based on my new hiking boots and the mountains and glaciers I planned to (and did) climb in Iceland and beyond.

The third piece in this series is "make a splash." This piece was created to remind myself that when it rains (or when things don't go as planned), don't get discouraged…pull on your boots and go "make a splash!"  Don't take yourself or life too seriously.  Go play, have fun, jump in a puddle! You can still be "sunny" in the midst of a storm. The image was based on photos I took of my daughters jumping in puddles and playing in the rain.

The fourth piece is "jump for joy!" Don't worry…after the rain, sunshine and summer are just around the corner!  It's time to take off your shoes and "jump for joy!"  All the hard work you put into this journey will be rewarded!  The flowers will bloom and so will you!  It's time to celebrate!  This image was based on my daughter Zoe who loves to dance and jump for joy!

Hope these affirmations will be helpful to you on your journey!


  1. Love the series, all things we can all relate to. Even more meaningful hearing your story behind them:)