Friday, March 22, 2013

Art Parties: "Create & Celebrate!"

I started hosting monthly Art Parties this year in an effort to add more creative time to my calendar, spend more time with my friends, and test out my skills as an art instructor!  What started as just a fun excuse to get together with friends has turned into something more.  By combining my drive to create with my skills as a social worker, I have been able to provide a unique experience where art meets self discovery and personal growth!  I have had such great feedback from my friends, that I am now opening up these "Create & Celebrate" nights to other groups of women!  Not only do you get to sip, snack and socialize with your friends, you leave with an original, meaningful masterpiece to take home.  You may even gain a better understanding of yourself and appreciation of your friends.  I hope you will join me to "Create & Celebrate!" Gather your girlfriends, drinks and snacks and email me at to schedule your Art Party!  Let the creativity flow and the fun begin!

                                          Art Parties are 3 hours long and cost $45.  All art supplies are provided.   


  1. Jackie, thank you so much for offering "awesome art night". You are a great artist and inspiring teacher and I love the process of creating such meaningful work. I had so much fun and look forward to joining you for the next art adventure :)

  2. Thanks Anne Marie! I appreciate you supporting me and cheering me on! I am always happy to share an adventure with you! So glad you are enjoying these special Art Parties!