Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet 'n Salty: New Art--New Show!

"It Runs in the Family" show just ended.  Thank you Michelle for the awesome placement of the Tury Family Portrait (front and center as you enter the gallery) and the wonderful compliment (I love your piece and wanted to showcase it--it's the signature piece of the show). 

 The next show at the Del Ray Artisan Gallery is "Sweet 'n Salty" and runs from October 5-28.  Join me at the opening reception this Friday, October 5th from 7-10 p.m.  The sweet 'n salty theme inspired two new mixed media pieces that I created for this show. "Take a BITE of LIFE" has a carnival theme and features a juicy apple as the main subject.  "Celebrate"is one of my 3-d cakes complete with real candle.  This month I will be celebrating the 6th year in my creative journey.  It was almost 6 years ago that I signed up for my first painting class as an adult.  A birthday gift to myself with the encouragement of my husband Paul.  The first painting I did was of a slice of birthday cake, complete with 3-d frosting.  I have been happily painting ever since!  Thanks Paul!  Time to Celebrate!

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